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Data Science

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• Principal pain-points of companies related to Data Science

Design Driven Data Science

Data Known Cases

• Variable Types

• Exploratory Data Analysis

Organization Integrated Data Science

• Common applied Errors in Data Science

• Data Science team Development

• Data governance

Machine Teaching

• Supervised learning

• Unsupervised learning

• Reinforced learning

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About MJV

Since our establishment, we have operated in the technology area. We are pioneers of introducing Design Thinking and applying it to innovation and technology.

In preparation for our data science projects, we set up a Data Science Laboratory within the Technology Park of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, We were supported on this endeavor by research groups such as Coppead, Coppe and the School of Engineering.

Currently, our team of researchers, doctors and masters are developing work in the areas of Banking, Insurance, Retail, and Industry.